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Sales training (advance)

Sales: 2 Day Workshop Outline
S.No MODULE Coverage and flow Benefits
1. Why must you stop selling and start partnering
  • The changing face of today’s consumer
    a) Global competition
    b) Customer revolution
    c) What the customer today believes: “Everything is a commodity”
  • Developing the mindset of “Playing to Win” versus “Playing not to Lose” in the current business scenario – Think Big, Think Different.
  • The 4 principles of the “customer-keeping” organization.
  • Moving from the transactional to the transformational sales approach through feedback and continuous improvement.
  • Creating the SWOT Business Tool to narrow down on key issues impacting your client/channel partner relationships.

Will enable participants to : how to think differently about customers and as a result create new and more powerful and long lasting relationships with your prospects, clients & channel partners.

2. Customer Perception Ladder
    Customer PERCEPTION is what counts An insight into the mind of your customer – price, solution or partner?
    At what level you are :
  • Business partner
  • Value-adder
  • Product/service provider
  • Commodity broker

Will enable participants to : Know how well you think you are progressing with your account is irrelevant

3. Strategic Selling
    You Starting point : Position ( Single Sales Objective )
    Six Key Elements of Sales Strategy
  • Buying Influence
  • Red Flags & leveraging from strength
  • Response Modes
  • Win – Results
  • Ideal customer
  • Sales Funnel

Will enable participants to : Put themselves in the best position to meet there objectives. To leverage on there resources to maximize opportunities and business.

4. SPIN Strategy to manage your customers & channel partners
    Understanding in-depth the 4 stages of a sales call for maximum impact (SPIN Model)
    Identify Situation
    Need-Payoff questions

Will enable participants to : Get insight into the practical application of SPIN strategy of uncovering implied customer needs and developing them into explicit development of questions for each step in the strategy helps in discovering a prospective customers discover a new sense of urgency in addressing their needs/concerns opens up channel partners to the solutions offered by you.

5. Sales Presentations that make an Impact!
  • Organize the content of your sales presentation to address the customer’s/ channel partner’s WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) and create maximum impact
  • Interact with customers throughout the sales presentation and handle sales objections that may arise
  • Plan and rehearse for a variety of sales presentations, ranging from formal presentations to one-on-one meetings
  • Obtaining feedback (asking for reaction and observing body language)

Will enable participants to: weaving the power of consultative sales techniques into presentation design Delivery for maximum closing and buy-in results (from customer & channel partners).

6. Sales Negotiation Skills
  • Managing Expectations & Exchanging Information.
  • Position-based vs. Interest-based Negotiation.
  • Bargaining Attitudes: Distributive Bargaining vs. Integrative Bargaining.
  • Establishing Common Ground – Most Critical Phase
  • Common ‘Negotiation-Tactics’ and How they Work
  • Keep your BATNA ready with you ! [Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreement]
Understand and apply the key attitudes & tactics of sales negotiations
7. Closing the Sale
  • Making a ‘Recommendation’ , not a ‘Push’
  • Gaining Commitment – ‘Trial Closing Questions’
  • Asking for the Order – When & How
  • Know when to ‘press’ & when to ‘let go’
  • Defined Benchmarks of a Win-Win Approach
  • Key Differences between a Winning & Losing Negotiator
  • Common Errors – Why they happen and
    How to avoid them
  • Follow-Up to a Successful Closure
Will enable the participants to: Build a value-proposition and increase the probability of closing the deal.
8. Action Plan Mapping the blue Sheet
Creating the measures of success for sales team
Follow Up on Blue Sheet
9. Post Training Creating FAQ Booklet  

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