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Sales training (basic)

S.No MODULE COVERAGE & FLOW Benefits to Participants
1. Appearance ABC of Selling
  • Professional Body Language – Postures, Gestures, Facial Expressions, Eye Contact.

  • Being Presentable – WIIFM ?
  • Professional Dress Codes [Male & Female] – eastern & western.
  • Personal Grooming and Hygiene – 15 areas and key precautions.
  • Norms of Courtesy – handshake types, offering a pen, passing the phone, etc.
  • Exchanging Business Cards.
  • Face-to-Face interaction – Key Customer Interfacing Etiquette.
Will enable participants to present themselves professionaly and make a distinct favourable first-impression to observe standard norms of Business Etiquette.
2. Behaviour ABC of Selling
  • Behavioural Self Assessment & Analysis – Communication Style Grid.
  • Third Party Assessment (2nd round of analysis).
  • Style Flexing –
    - Need & Context
    - Mode of Application.
  • Applications of Style Flexing – Persuading, Convincing & Managing Relationships.
  • How to flex towards your customer’s buying style ?
To adapt to the customer’s personality and communication style thereby creating a mutual comfort-zone
3. Communication ABC of Selling
    Listening Skills
  • Flaws in the Listening Process
  • Steps of Active Listening
    Rapport Building Three Essential Stages of Customer Relationship Mgmt:
  • Creating Relationships
  • Building Relationships
  • Maintaining Relationships
    Importance of Probing
  • Identifying Core & Augmented Expectations
  • Funnel & Lamp Technique
    Customer Feedback :
  • Listening & Interpreting
  • Acknowledging & Responding
  • The Six Steps of Empathy
Will enable participants to fine-tune the functional, technical & behavioral aspects of building, maintaining & retaining customer-relationships
4. The Sales Process
    Pre-Call Planning
  • Understanding the Customer’s Mind
  • A salesperson’s perceptions about the Customer
  • The Customer’s perceptions about salespeople
    Opening a Sales Call
  • Introducing yourself, your brand, your product
  • Identifying Expectations
  • The Importance of Documenting Valuable Inputs
    Making Effective Sales Presentations
  • Being Descriptive
  • Making Recommendations – the 4 Ps
  • FAB technique – Features, Advantages, Benefits
  • The Benefits Approach vs. The Push Approach
    Closing the Deal
  • Making a ‘Recommendation’ , not a ‘Pitch’
  • Gaining Commitment – ‘Trial Closing Questions’
  • Asking for the Order/Purchase – When & How
  • Know when to ‘press’ & when to ‘let go’
Will enable participants to scrutinize and practice all the key stages of the Sales Process
5. Dealing with Objections
  • Maximizing the client’s perceived needs
  • The most common Objections , and a few uncommon ones
  • Handling the three categories of Objections – Price, Competitor & Product : using LEPS technique
  • Addressing Resistance – an inclusive approach
  • The Art of Positive Mirroring – How to say ‘No’?
  • Confidence Building Measures –the DARE strategy [Deny / Admit / Reverse / Explain]
  • Laws of Persuasion – Influencing Skills
Will enable participants to apply themselves on ‘how to convert buying objections into selling opportunities’ s
6. Additional Practice
  • Situations taken from Participants’ Daily Work Process
  • Role Plays & Mock Calls followed by Feedback
  • Personal Developmental Action Plan
Implementation of Learnings

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