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Step 1

Each in-company workshop is designed to meet a client's specific needs. The first step is always to understand your business and how consulting or training requirements relate to company objectives. From this co-operative effort, a statement of consulting or training objectives is produced that corresponds to the real needs of your business.

Step 2

The next step is to devise a workshop, or series of workshops to realize these objectives. To do this we use whatever consulting or training methods are appropriate. The aim is to ensure that each workshop reflects realistically situations faced by your people in the 'real world'

Step 3

The third phase is the workshop presentation itself. Every process or participant places great emphasis on active participation; there is a minimum of overt lecturing on in-company programs. Concentration is placed on analyzing process or individual difficulties, using case studies, role-plays and syndicate etc., to bridge the gap between consulting or training and real life situations. Simulations of the business environment are used to reinforce messages that are relevant to staff at all levels.

Step 4

The final phase is audits or post course review to assess the value of the consulting or training to the process or participants and further consulting or training requirements that may arise.

On-The-Job Monitoring

Floor Support

The Floor Support program helps employees increase their productivity and at the same time achieve standardization of service delivery standards.


Phoenix Quality Management Pvt. Ltd. has adopted the following methodology in order to standardize the process:

To Monitor the employees on parameters identified under the Floor Support Program

Conduct TNI (Training need identification).

Give Feedback based on the TNI and draw up action plan for Refresher Training.

Re monitor the employees to evaluate whether they have come up the learning curve and give informal feedback based on the new TNI.

The benefit of this program is:

Individual feedback and guidance on process ensuring skill enhancement across the departments.

Live Observation

Handholding an employee as he/she goes about his/her daily routing, taking feedback on the set of pre-determined parameters, checking adherence to process as will as soft skills and communication.

Mystery Shopping

The purpose of Mystery Shoppers is to help businesses increase sales and improve employee customer service awareness. We provide businesses with information through the use of questionnaires and detailed narratives. These questionnaires provide businesses with an unbiased opinion of how they are perceived by the customer. We relieve the owner of this added responsibility. We provide Business owners a more realistic picture of how their customers perceive their company.

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