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Six Sigma Black Belt

Seminar Content

This workshop enables participants to become the primary members in a project team to achieve Six Sigma levels of quality using a Breakthrough Strategy and methodology to address key product/service improvement opportunities; 5 Days.

Seminar Goals

Gain fundamental knowledge of the Six Sigma Strategy and tools in order to assist Black Belts in Breakthrough project implementation and apply the DMAIC process to local problem solving projects.

Who Should Attend

Individuals who will participate in a Six Sigma, quality, or process improvement team; those who will champion and support Six Sigma projects.


The participants are required to bring to the class a laptop with the statistical package Minitab installed or with rights to install a demo version of this program.

Seminar Materials

Seminar manual...

Seminar Outline

  • Overview of Six Sigma Methodology.
  • Identification, Prioritization and selection of Improvement opportunities.
  • Six Sigma projects selection and implementation.
  • Over view of Six Sigma Project execution (DMAIC) (Define- Measure- Analyze- Improve & Control).
  • Define tools such as Identify Project CTQs, Team Charter, High Level Process Maps etc.
  • Type of Data, Sample Size determination for a given confidence level and Data Collection, Planning including use of Prioritization Matrix and/or FMEA, Customer QFD etc.
  • Measure tools including Introduction to various statistical software packages for data display and analysis with Minitab.
  • Measurement System Evaluation (Gauge R&R) for variables as well as attribute data.
  • Understanding variation-special causes vs. common causes
  • Analyze tools -Evaluation of Process Capability and assessment of Sigma level.
  • Process Mapping including, identification of value added and non value added activities.
  • Organizing for potential causes using cause and effect, FMEA & Tree Diagram.
  • Verification/validation of causes using work place investigation (GEMBA).
  • Concept of correlation and Regression and use of the same in validating causes.
  • Concept of Test of Hypothesis like 2 Sample t, Chi Square, ANOVA etc and use of the same in validating the causes.
  • Improve tools - Concept of Industrial experimentation.
  • Select and prioritize solutions for the validated causes including concept of Risk Analysis using FMEA.
  • Develop plan for pilot and full scale implementation.
  • Control tools -Concept and Examples of Poke Yoke, Visual Workplace and 5S.
  • Evaluation and monitoring mechanism (like control chart for controlling purposes, Process audit, Surveillance) of results after implementation of the solutions.
  • Institutionalization and integration of the solutions.
  • Two six sigma black belt Projects.

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