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Team building (In bound)

1. Interpersonal Aspects of being a Team Player

Attribute 1 : Understanding & Setting Expectations
- your expectations from your team members
- your team member’s expectations from you
- the process of ‘Expectation-Setting’
- sensitivity & sensibility

Attribute 2 : Managing Diversity
- What is Diversity ? – the various elements
- Key Challenges & Obstacles and How to Overcome them
- Behaviours essential for establishing a non- threatening atmosphere in a diverse team

Attribute 3 : Balance between Task Focus & Relationship Focus
- Focus on Task – Pros and Cons
- Focus on Relationship – Benefits and Shortcomings
- ‘Organizing the three R’s in a Team’ : Roles, Results & Relationships

Attribute 4 : Sustaining Synergy
- The Goals you can’t achieve all by yourself!
- Skills & Attitudes required for Synergy
- Elements of Seamless Coordination

Attribute 5 : Motivating & Energizing
- Identifying ‘factors’ that demotivate your team
- Linking ‘motivation’ to ‘productivity’
- Dealing with Low Spirits : Proactive Steps

Attribute 6 : Delegation
- Distinguish between ‘Delegating’ and ‘Dumping’
- The 9 steps of Delegation [key action-points]
- The Ten levels of Delegation : which one are you at ?

Will enable participants : to set expectations transparently and honour them to strike a healthy balance between task-focus and relationship-focus to recognize the significance of individual contributions to bond stronger by motivating & empathizing pro-actively to delegate effectively
2. Handling Conflicts

Interpersonal Gaps – Sources & Impact

Types of Conflict – Witness each type !

Preventing Conflict – Myths & Realities

Handling Conflict – Proactive, Reactive & Defensive behaviours

Your personalized Conflict-Resolution Style

Keeping temper and temperament under control

Will enable participants : to sensitize themselves to the Sources & Effects of Conflict on Productivity & Relationships to handle ‘potential-conflict’ situations with sensibility & maturity
3. Be a Friend , Guide & Mentor
  • SWOT : Analyzing your Team Players
  • A mini-scale ‘Competency-Mapping’ Exercise : for Fitment
  • Facilitation & Handholding – What, Why & How
  • Delegating vs. Dumping
  • Personalized Sensitivity – to individual goals and aspirations
Will enable the participant to identify individual strengths and weaknesses within his/her team, in order to optimize the contributions from every team member
4. Interpersonal Communication in Teams
  • Activity – “Common Vision”

  • Articulating thoughts – Speaking to connect

  • Listening Skills – Self Assessment
    - Flaws – Selective APR [Activity]

  • ‘How to say No’ : Positive Mirroring
    - Scope & Relevance
    - Mode of Application [Case Studies]

  • Giving Feedback is a science while Receiving Feedback is an art’ – Why?
    - Steps of giving Feedback – the ABCR Model
    - Receiving Feedback: Assumptions
    - Role Plays – ‘Feed Yourself’

Will enable participants: to state facts professionally and articulate thoughts effectively to learn the art of probing and saying ‘No’ to avoid ‘mixed messages’

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