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Time Management

Time Management Session Plan for PWC

(All items in blue are part of the tool kit)
Module Coverage and methodology Benefit
  • Self Introduction
  • Ice Breaker
  • Expectation Setting
  • Five Components of Time Management
Will enable participants to: Break the ice and Understand what to expect from the workshop Will enable participants to identify ‘where they are now’ and ‘where they need to be’
My Attitude Determines My Altitude: “Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way”
  • Activity- Bottlenecks
  • Attitude and Performance Cycle
  • Barriers to Positive Attitude
  • Activity- Pessimism Tracker Template
Will enable participants to: Understand the importance of positive attitude in complex and challenging work place scenarios
“First things First”: The Art and Science of Planning and Prioritizing
  • Puzzle Activity: Get your pieces together
  • Urgent V/s Important in the workplace context
  • Group Discussion: Planning to prevent Crisis Situation with respect to workplace scenario
  • Activity “Why Am I Where I Am?”
  • Activity: Weekly Action Plan:
  • Log your time before you get logged out
Will enable participants to: Plan and prioritize their activities through introspection with the help of the tools provided
“Water, Water Everywhere”: Draining out the unnecessary“Water, Water Everywhere”: Draining out the unnecessary
  • Current time division
  • Case study: Story of Praveen Mathur
  • Internal V/s External time wasters
  • Experiment: Pickle Jar Theory
  • Activity: Pickle Jar Template
  • Diagnostic Questionnaire
Will enable participants to: Identify the time wasters in order to improve efficiency and performance at work
Focus on Implementation: “Moving from a thinker to a Doer”
  • Activity: Human Knots
  • Goal Setting Introduction
  • 6 reasons why people fail
  • Group activity
  • 7 deadly sins of goal-setting
  • Goal Categories
  • SMARTER goals
  • Behavior Profiling tool: Dope Test
  • 3- step Approach to Procrastination
  • Group Discussion and Introspection on Procrastination
  • Tips on the dos and don’ts in Time management
Will enable participants to: To get into the action mode through better planning and organizing skills.
“Speed it up” Decision Making to Speed Implementation
  • Activity: Hoopla Activity
  • Paired Comparison Analysis (Simulation)
  • Action-Priority Matrix
  • Activity: Flying the object
  • Quiz: Time management Myths (reinforcement of day’s learning)

Will enable participants to: To make quick decisions about prioritizing their activities and move into the implementation mode for quicker and better results.

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